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Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League 

About the Breed

Great Dane Club of America
AKC Great Dane Standard
Great Dane FAQs

Great Dane Rescue Links

Laura Brennan's Personal Website  - MAGDRL Legislative Director & PA foster home
Debby Rahl's Personal Website - MAGDRL President
Health and Training
Great Dane Rescue Inc.
(Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Alabama, and neighboring states, as well as, Ontario, Canada)
Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue
(Bethel, Ohio)
Rescue Links from
Great Dane Foundation
(Houston, Texas)

What to Look for in Responsible, Reputable Rescue






  Other Rescue Links 


Eastern Veterinary Blood Bank




Great Dane Health Links

Great Dane & Canine Health Links The best list on the net from
Kennel and Trainer 

Dee's Collection of Great Dane Health Links


Great Dane Graphics

Danes-R-Us Free Great Dane Graphics
Angela's Place

Fun Great Dane Links always changing & always cute
Dane Coloring Pages from Danes-R-Us
Everyone's favorite Dane


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