Cleo came to rescue wearing this tattered and torn old sweatshirt. She had been living in an unheated barn with only this to keep her warm.  

Cleo is an approximately 1 1/2 year old female. She stands 32" and now weighs 120 lbs. Cleo is spayed, up to date on shots and she's filled out nicely. She has an eye membranes problem and will soon be having surgery to help her see better. She is very, very sweet, a leaner and likes to cuddle. She startles from the front and backs away but if you approach from the side or behind, she's fine. Cleo is good with the other dogs but very insecure.


 News Flash!!!

     Cleo has now found a forever home with a little boy and girl and a new loving mommy and daddy. I will personally miss Cleo as she stayed with my wife and I for quite a while before finding her new home. I guess that is why fostering for rescue is bitter-sweet, but I would gladly do it all over again.

          When Cleo came to rescue she weighed 101 lbs, 35lbs underweight. 


     Cleo's Vet has consulted with the University of PA Veterinary Hospital and is ready to perform her surgery. 

     News Flash!!!

     Cleo's surgeries are over and she two beautiful eye and can see very well.


     Here we have Cleo greeting visitors at a local PetSmart. She greeted everyone with loving excitement and joy making sure not to leave anyone out when it came to her receiving a pat.