Zeus came to MAGDRL for no fault of his own. Zeus's owners called MAGDRL
a year before Zeus was turned over to us, because he had bitten the
toddler in the house. After much discussion and observation, it was
determined the toddler was throwing rocks at Zeus. The family agreed to
work on these issues, and at last report, all was well.

Then one evening 11 months later, the local volunteer received a panicked
phone call from the owner stating that Zeus had picked up the resident
cat in his mouth, shook it a few times, then flung it across the room.
The owner needed advice and quickly. The volunteer offered to ask around
and return his call. An hour later, the owner called back, asking if the
volunteer was coming to pick up the dog or was the owner to drop the dog
off at her house. Apparently, Zeus's owner was cooking dinner, something
very fragrant and yummy on the kitchen stove. Zeus, being fed people food
his entire life and not knowing otherwise, thought this meal was
specially prepared for him. When the owner turned his back, Zeus planted
both front feet on the counter, and helped himself to what he believed to
be his food in the skillet on the stove. Despite doing what he had been
taught to do, Zeus got in trouble for this, thus the phone call to the
MAGDRL volunteer.

The volunteer feared for Zeus's safety, so she had Zeus brought to her
house immediately. Zeus is a beautiful fawnequin Dane with natural ears.
When he arrived at the volunteer's house, he was only a shell of the dog
she evaluated 11 months prior. In those 11 months, Zeus lost all of his
self-confidence, fearing everyone and everything. After several weeks in
foster care, Zeus was adopted by his forever family, who provided him
with toys and food during his stay in foster care. Now, Zeus is learning
to trust people again, play with toys, and live the good life with his
forever family.