Zander - 126 lb, 20-month-old neutered male who was given up by his owner when he had to move into an apartment that didn’t allow pets.  He was “placed” at the owner’s father’s home where he was left outside running loose (for 2-3 months before coming to MAGDRL).  We were called since he was unneutered at the time and running off and they were afraid he would get hit by a car or shot by a farmer. He got along fine with the fathers’ two medium dogs, both males, one even unneutered.  In his foster home he is living with both male and female dogs that he gets along with great (even though the female is a mean to him).  He also plays well with the resident cat and a visiting six-year-old child.  He is well behaved, & house-trained, knows basic commands, and walks well on a leash.  He is crated when left alone although his previous owner reported there were no problems when left alone inside previously.  He loves to run and play outside with the other dogs, though is very happy to come in and find a lap to sit on.  He loves other dogs, is gentle with cats and children ad well mannered with people.  He is very loving & obedient (though he does like to hog up the couch) and would adjust well in his forever home.