September 15, 1999 to November 4, 2002

Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you.  

I loved you so... 'twas Heaven here with you.

Isla Pashal Roichardson

She started out so small !!!


And somewhere along the way, she got BIG !!!

She ALWAYS had a big heart and was FULL of joy.. though you wouldn't always know it by her face.. such a sad looking face to hide such happiness. She had more happiness and forgiveness then any other creature I have ever known. 

She was a good lesson for me.

She loved hugs, rubs, to be cuddled and spoiled. She WAS the Princess in our lives and never let us forget it! She looked so sweet and innocent yet ruled with a SMART and royal paw.
If she wanted something, she would distract the rest of us and zip back to steal whatever it was, whether a bone or a spot on the bed. Her favorite trick was to wake me up and act like she had to go out (and I mean BAD, "gotta go mom, NOW, gotta GO!) and the minute I was out of bed, she would go collapse on her spot so I could cover her up with her blankie.
I miss her demanding up on the couch (I had to move over and give her my spot) so she could drape her head and neck over my chest. Over the last year her legs slowly declined in mobility, till it was too much. 
Thanks to my friend (and their "Aunt") Anji, who has helped me in the last year cope with being a single "mom", giving of her time and spirit to help me know and understand my guys better, and know when it was time. She helped me see ways of changing to allow Xena the same luxuries that her legs no longer could give her... 


Here Anji shows me how to let Xena "drape" without having to get on the couch!
So on this day, I have so many mixed feelings. I am not happy to play "God" and make these choices. I am glad that Xena is no longer in pain. She has had weak legs since the beginning and now can run and play with Nikita at the Bridge. 
I miss her so much, I have been missing her for so long. At least now, I know that joy is not dimmed by her limitations. 
Play in peace, Xena. Thor & I will begin our adventures together and will be thinking of you and Nikita together. 

A memorial from Kamran Smith

Jules Guthrie’s Xena…how can one capture her in words? She was lovely, just a beautiful girl, with haunting blue eyes, extra-long soft ears, and bright white fur wildly splashed with black. She always had a serious look on her little mug. This might have been because she believed herself a princess and thus, had the regal bearing that goes along with the royal title. Yet, for such a regal girl, Xena had the heart of a little con artist and the bark of an off-tune, slightly tipsy bloodhound (“ow wooooo…squeak!”). I know she was a con artist, because Jules would tell me how Xena would manipulate the other pups to steal treats and ease onto prime snooze spots. She was not only a con artist, but also a smart one, well versed in the art of distraction: “Hey, there’s somebody at the door! You all go check, while I double-back and steal your treat!” 

Xena came to Jules through the league as a little puppy. Who could resist those baby-seal eyes and soft fur? Although she had a growth disorder that prevented her from hard physical activity, she was still sure to be in the middle of things. If you visited Jules, (after you heard the hailing “ow wooooooo….squeak!”), Xena would be jostling for prime petting position with the other dogs near the kitchen doorway. Then, after the princess had accepted your greeting, she would often curl up on her “throne,” a soft easy chair. If she wasn’t reclining in her chair, she would often stand with her front feet on your chair, as if to say, “You are a small subject that I look down upon, but I love you anyway. I command petting.”

When Xena was younger and feeling well, Jules took her to Petsmart Meet and Greets, where Xena often crashed on her doggy bed. I’ve never seen so many people and children enjoy petting a sleeping dog – even asleep, she was irresistible! Little children often sat or crawled onto the blanket with her and just petted and petted, while Xena either snoozed away or occasionally lifted her head to say “hi.” Her gentleness with children and calm acceptance of their attention made many the day of her little fans, I’m sure. Sometimes at Meet and Greets she would get up and “dance” with her front paws on Jules’s shoulders – always a crowd pleaser! 

Jules was blessed with Xena for three years. I hate that Xena was here for such a short time, but, on the other hand, they were three full years that Xena was loved and cherished, cosseted and catered to – just what a princess wants most! Despite her obvious love of life, by Nov. 12, she was in great pain and seemed ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Jules had the strength that day to understand that it was time for the princess to be loved by the angels. How better can you prove your love of a friend than by letting them go? Although Xena is gone from us here, I hope that Jules is comforted by the knowledge that the princess now plays as she was meant to -- freely, without pain, on soft clouds made just for her.