Truffles - 

Truffles is probably 6-7 yrs old, thin, spayed, and VERY sweet. After a day at her new foster home we have found that she was probably a very pampered house pet. When she got to the house and was put outside in the fencing, she ran a few laps in joy of the freedom of being out of kenneling. She met the male dane happily, wasn't quite sure what to make of the female Skye terrier, so may not have been around smaller dogs. The cat terrified her, and was in danger of being trampled from the great dane escape. Later that night she lay still in horror as same cat licked Truffle's ears clean! She is awkward on the stairs but getting used to them. To the foster mom's shock, Truffles can sit up and beg like a poodle! AND is very proud of herself while doing it. When settled in the house she found Oliver's toy chest and delicately took out a ball and showed how she can shuffle it along using her feet! She is in perfect health, though thin and shows no food aggression or any other problems. She took her bath with calm and pleasure. She has become extremely attached to the male dane Oliver and feel that she will need to be placed in a home with at least one other canine companion, Animal Control in Jefferson County WV picked her up so we know nothing on her history.