Titan came to Virginia on Jan. 1, 2004 from North
Carolina where he had spent about four months in a kennel. He came to Blue Ribbon Acres in hopes of some training. Titan was such a sweet boy with people, but he didnít care for other dogs. He was 16 months old, and a juvenile delinquent looking for his next score.
   A sweet fawnequin who won everyoneís hearts, he spent two months with Jennifer and Susan at the kennel. After two attacks on other dogs, and subsequent snapping at the people trying to redirect him, Titan was escorted over the Rainbow Bridge on Feb 14 2004.   
   Now Titan is at the Bridge, waiting for all the Rescuers who helped him along the way: Becky Moser, Jules Guthrie, Janine Kushner, Jennifer Donnelly-Schofstall, and Susan Bobinsky. He is playing with the other dogs and chasing them to his heartís content.
   We miss you Titan. I am sorry for all the damage done to you by others before us. Thank you for reminding us that we cannot save them ALL, but we can provide you happiness by escorting you to the Bridge. Here, you can live within your own rules, since you couldnít live within the constraints of this society.