Tiny is a 135 LBS Fawn Great Dane. He has had his ears cropped however, the left ear did not take well and "Flops"

Tiny was brought to the Great Dane rescue due to a divorce. I adopted Tiny in 2001 and have loved him ever since. 

Tiny's original name was Ruger, then it was changed to Gunner, I have called him Tiny, Moose, And Mook ever since I have adopted him. You can't see them in this picture however he is chasing the neighborhood kids as they ride past the yard. Everyone who meets Tiny falls in love with him. He is a sweet dog, and an excellent companion 


Here is a recent letter sent in to MAGDRL about Tiny:

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how well Tiny (Gunner, Ruger) was doing. We bought another house with 3/4 acres fenced in. He loves it. He also lives with two Pomerians and two parrots now. The one Pomerian is deaf, and has taken to Tiny like a brother. For instance, I went away for a weekend and I had to leave Tiny with my Vet in board. When we returned (On Sunday), we couldn't get Tiny till Monday morning. Brutus (the Pom) was so upset he cried all night long till Tiny came home. I also found out that Tiny is "Afraid of the dark". I installed two touch lamps on the sides of our bed. I suspected this was happening so I checked them to make sure they were off every night for a week. Sure enough "TINY" had gone up to bed and touched the lamp with his nose and turned the lamp on his side on. (He sleeps on the floor on Malinda's side of the bed). The way I know it was him and not static electricity is, he knocks the lamp shade when he touches it! We also have a street light out side the front door. It is bright enough to light up the yard. Well needless to say, he used to go outside and stay out for hours at night. The street light is now burned out and he will go out side then cry to get right back in. Funny!!!! HE'S ACTUALLY AFRAID OF THE DARK.

Here is a picture of Tiny with my Blue and Gold Macaw on his back.
Raymond B. Dowdy