Born on April 15, 1999

HI! I am Thor and I am a HANDSOME boy!”  I am a big strapping Great Dane of 180 pounds (Mom wants to weigh less then me someday) and am 3.5 years old.  I LOVE chewing bones, chasing the kitties (even tho it really bugs Mom), taking walks (and running off if I get the chance) and taking rides in the car, as long as we aren’t going to the vets for shots!  I can never get enough of having my ears rubbed.  It is fun to embarrass mom by running up to people and sticking my head in their lap for head rubs.

When Mom doesn’t pay enough attention to me, I chew on things to aggravate her.  I go in the trash sometimes.  Most of the time I just take ALL my toys out of their baskets and spread them around on the floor so mom can step on a cow hoof or two and screach.  I am shy of new people so mom is taking me out a lot now that my sisters are gone.  We have gone to the hairdressers and if it isn’t too crowded, I really like that since there are a lot of ladies that pet me.

I have helped mom with rescue by going to see if homes are good enough for other Danes to live in, and she is proud of me since I am nice to their cats.  I check out every room and sniff around.  I also let her spend a lot of time on the interenet and phone doing rescue stuff.  If she takes TOO long I cry and she usually comes over and pets me. 

She was worried about me being alone now while she is at work and I have shown her I am ok by being a good boy and not getting in trouble.  The kitties hang out so I am not totally alone.  I miss my sisters though it is nice getting ALL (ok, well the kitties get some too) the pets in the house.  Aunt Anji comes over every few weeks to make a fuss over me and mom is always trying to get nice people to come and spend time with us.  I am a happy boy most of the time (tho sometimes it works really well if you look sad, mom really falls for that).  I am not a big cuddler or kisser, tho I do enjoy kissing other people and seeing mom get all mad cause I don’t kiss her too much.  Ok, I will let mom talk now… Thanks for coming to visit my page! ~ Thor  

Well Thor’s new nickname is Neo... for those of you have watched the Matrix, he has decided he would like to be “The One”.

Thor is a very handsome big guy and gets lots of attention when we go out.  Some one recently thought he was a GOAT getting out of the back of my Honda Civic!  He is a VERY good boy and mostly does what is asked of him.  He has a great personality and is happy to show it.  He greets people he loves at the door with a happy bounce and will do tricks for them, well for a treat of course.  He follows me around the house and loves to drink out the fawcett every time I enter a bathroom. He looks at the fawcett, then me, then the fawcett and me until I turn on the water.  He is a great companion and a silly playful boy.

Here is what his “Aunt Kamran” had to say!

My thoughts about Thor:

I remember Thor when he was little.  (Kids, whether human or dog, really do grow quickly!) As a puppy, Thor was shy and very sensitive.  You had to watch your tone of voice around him, because he would worry he was in trouble! I confess I LOVED to talk baby talk to him and he loved it too.  He would listen and lean against me, while sighing contentedly. I've never had a dog respond so to my voice.  Now that he's big, I still (probably much to his mom's horror) want to talk baby talk to him.  I think that's because he connects intimately with the people he knows, so you want to connect back with him.  His sweet trust -- which he doesn't hand over to any stranger on the street -- is such a sweet compliment.  Dogs that love everybody immediately are special, but dogs that think about who they want to love and gauge how good a person you are before they give you their heart, are somehow even more special.