Ted - 

9 month old neutered male mantle with natural ears. Ted was turned into a humane association by his owners. He is living in a foster home with a small dog, dane, & 6 cats. He loves other dogs and is great with them. He also loves children though may be a bit exuberant. He is a very sweet dog who needs some work on discipline. Below is from the evaluator:

Ted is such a funny dog. He just bounds up to meet you and loves attention. He was loudly playing with the Golden Retriever while we were talking, so she told them to be quiet. He looked so disappointed, you could absolutely tell he thought adults talking was stupid, but he laid down and stayed there until we moved to another area of the house and he went to his bed where I got the cutest picture. He really needs someone with a great sense of humor, because he is hysterical. He would also benefit from a multiple dog and cat household since he is one of four dogs and there are six cats. He is treated just like a child and as a result has a great personality. He will need obedience class, but it will need to be with positive training methods, because I would hate for someone to break this guys great spirit and attitude.