Smokey - 

Smokey will be 2 years old in July. He is a neutered male, merle, natural ears. He's very much a puppy, loves to play with his foster sisters, running and playing chase. His stomach has been tacked. 

He will wait until his sisters heads are turned and steal their toys, but then he gets in their face with them and wants to play tug. He's not mean about taking the toys, and his foster parents have decided that, watching his body language during this, it's more from wanting to play than wanting to take the toys. One of his sisters will take the end of the nylabone and play with him when he does this, when she drops it, he brings it right back to her, "Let's play more!" 

The people turning him in stated that he chases cats, but, his foster indicates he is good with cats. Hey, everyone chases a cat now and then - right?

He "fence chases" the Boston terrier next door, so we're not sure how he would be living with a smaller breed dog. He gets along very well with his Dane sisters. 

He's still quite clumsy, so would be best with children old enough to "defend" themselves from his feet (being stepped on) and tail.

He has allergies and is on an allergen-free food. He also cannot be exposed to carpet fresheners or fabric fresheners, they cause him to get raw, seeping feet and ear infections, as an allergic reaction.

Smokey is a sweet, loving, goofy boy who really needs another dog to play with, he is not dominant, and will accept a female alpha.

His foster Mom sometimes crates him, and sometimes lets him have the run of the house when she goes out, he is crate trained and does very well in it, but he's becoming trustworthy for an hour or two at a time.

Smokey leash-walks pretty well, not a lot of pulling, and will "potty" on command. He'd be great for someone who likes to walk, potty first, no need to carry bags.