Peyton - female merle ~ 6 yrs. She weighs in at about 120 lbs. She is very loving, and will seldom leave my side...or at least the room I'm in. Loves attention! She is very playful, loves to fetch, and gets excited when it's time to take a walk. Peyton is still a bit skittish when sudden movements are made ( due to her past mistreatment I guess ). She likes to be the center of attention, and asserts herself as the alpha dog in our group. Pedigree dog food is what she is used to. If another brand is given to her, she gets sick. We have had to put her on a low residue dog food in the past, until we found Pedigree to be OK. She currently lives & gets along with a 3 males, a Dane, pug, & midget
German shepherd & 2 cats. She is great with kids. I take them to the park regularly for walks, and they always attract a crowd. They are always ready for some human interaction!