Anyone's guess to May 25, 2002

She crept into my life


but was in my heart as soon as her feet hit my property. She guarded the property and us with diligence and waited till the puppies were old enough and trained them to take on her duties. 

what I remember is:

What Anne Sendecke remembers:

What Kamran has to say:

I guess all of you know by now that Jules' Nikita has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  I just wanted to say how sorry I am to Jules for the loss of her girl, but how relieved I am that Nikita's pain has ended.

It was an honor to know Nikita and thank you, Jules for taking such good care of her.  When Nikita first came to the League, she was thin and insecure - she looked awful, with sad eyes that didn't expect much. Jules did SUCH a wonderful job with her - she became a happy dog who was shiny, well-fed, and secure in the knowledge that she was greatly loved.  Her eyes were bright and serene as she learned she had a home AND later, got two other pups to boss around!  She was the first deaf dog I knew and it was wonderful to see how love -- her love for Jules and Jules' love for her -- soared beyond the boundary of mere hearing.

Thank you, Nikita for being the wonderful grand lady you were and Jules, thank you for giving me the honor of knowing this wonderful girl.

Nikita, may you rest in peace and wait for me frolicking at the Rainbow Bridge with Bronwyn & Ivan, Murph, Gracie, Mysouf, Petey, Toto & Calico. I look forward to the day that you look up and see me coming.