Jules' Life and Danes



And then there was one….


Hi.  My name is Jules Guthrie and I have been lucky enough to be blessed with Great Danes and cats in my life.

I live in West by God Virginia with an awesome Great Dane, Thor, and three cats.  I love to read and watch TV.  I am in recovery, I cross-stitch, and my grand passion is doing Great Dane Rescue, where I am the WV Area Coordinator. 

I have a great bunch of friends, who I met through recovery and Rescue.  I am very blessed to have the love of my friends surrounding me. 


Thor and I have been doing well together for the last few years without any other dogs in our life.  I always thought I would have two or three Danes tumbling around and can tell you, life is a LOT more peaceful and less painful <grin> with just one!

We are working on his shyness with people, which ebbs and flows.  He is getting so much better at meeting people, I asked him if he would “volunteer” to donate blood for other dogs in need.  It took only one extra “trial” visit and he agreed!  He became an official donor May 2004.  They asked for pictures in his new bandana to put on their website.  He isn’t the most photogenic guy, but these came out OK (alright, so three out of 20 pictures is a good ratio – thank goodness for digital cameras)!


I have my two female cats, Thomasina and Magpie, who keep Thor jumping, as he does them.  He loves to pet “his kitties,” though we have ALL learned to check Thomasina’s mood before committing to actually touching her.  

Below, she is recuperating from surgery and if you look closely, you can see the purple threads from the stitches!  The nickname “FrankenKitty” has been following her around. 


Magpie is doing well.  

She used to be very shy and withdrawn.  After the third Dane, Xena, moved in, she decided that around here if you want attention, you have to GO for it.  Ever since, she has been a demanding one, using that old “One claw Chinese torture” method of picking at whatever part of my body she can reach until I pet her.  Let me tell you, her patience is way beyond my pain level, so I usually give in pretty quickly.  The top of my head while I am sitting on the couch was the real clincher…


Mad Max is my wonderful Maine Coone cat who is on the volunteer page since he is the best cat tester of dogs that I have ever met.  He has approved dogs that we thought were not cat safe (later to find this information inaccurate) by walking up to them and rubbing around their ankles. 

I miss him as he is “visiting” with my sister-in-law, Julie, at her Vet Clinic near Union Station, DC.  The Rescuer’s dream relation, a vet!  Last summer he was diagnosed with diabetes and she offered to take him into her clinic to live until he lost some weight and see if she could get him nice and healthy.  He has lost at least 8-9 pounds, is off the insulin, and is loving life.  He has another big ol’ boy marmalade tabby, Mow, to roll around the floor with and clients to greet and make a fuss over.  (Go to bottom of page to see them at Union Vet Clinic they even have job titles!)  When he first got there, Julie told me he would lie next to the cages of the dogs waking up from surgery and comfort them.  Once I have my home life situated to keep his food access controlled, he can come home!  


This is a picture of the girls, Thor, and me from December 2001. 


I lost my two girl Danes, “The Great White,” “Queen Bee” – Nikita and “The Princess” – Xena  in 2002.  Thor then decided he wanted his own page since the two girls each have THEIR own page!

I was blessed to have them both for almost three years each, and have so many funny stories about them all.  My favorite “bit” I loved telling folks, was about their “listening” ability (basically if they would obey a command!).  Nikita was deaf, Thor is BIG, and Xena, well, she was a smart little one.  I used to say that when I gave a signal to sit (both hand and voice), Nikita would turn her head so she could pretend she didn’t see it and could ignore me.  Thor pretended he couldn’t hear and Xena, well, she just didn’t CARE! 


Here is my favorite picture of the first Danes in my life, Bronwyn’s Bane and Ivan.  Look closely and you will see that even at the age of ten, Ivan had to have his stuffed dragon at the photo shoot!  I got Bronwyn from a fellow at work who found her on his doorstep on Christmas Eve and couldn’t keep her.  When we signed a contract on the WV house, we ended up getting Ivan as a pup.  They were both with me for almost 11 years and I miss them dearly.  They are buried on the property that I named Heavenly Danes in their honor. 


Danes are so wonderful.  They have such huge personalities no matter their body size.  Each of my Danes has left an imprint on my soul. 


Thanks for checking in and meeting me.