Duke - male fawn ~ 7 yrs old. He weighs in at 170lbs. Absolutely loves to play and be chased with whatever toy he has decided to keep from you. The couch is his favorite place to nap during the day, or while I'm watching TV. Is very talkative at meal time ( as in a low growl and prancing of the front feet), lets you know he's anxious for a meal. He gets fed 8 cups a day, 4 cups morning, 4 cups at night. Loves to have his belly rubbed too! He gets excited with small animals ( little dogs, cats, squirrels, etc. ). He gets along with female Dane, & male pug, & midget german shephard. Tug of war is his favorite game. He is great with kids. Taken to the park regularly for walks, always attracts a crowd, & is ready for some human interaction!