Apollo - 

Apollo was 2 in August.  He's a beautiful merle neutered male with a white chest and 4 white feet. He has natural ears that he holds away from his head, looking like a little girl with her hair done in pony tails.  He's very thin right now, but gaining weight.  As far as we know he has no health problems, his vet check was great.

Apollo suffers from terrible separation anxiety.  That's what brought him into rescue, he'd bark while his owners were gone, and the neighbors complained. When I go in the bathroom, and shut the door, he sits outside the door and whines and paces. He takes every step I take, constantly glued to my side. His previous owners did report that he would chew on the door/knob/frame more than he would chew on anything else when left alone. We are working on crate training, but he is so afraid of being left alone, it's going very slowly.

He IS a cabinet cruiser, and food thief, you have to watch him very, very close, he stole a lick of pie right out from under my hand.  He will "go lie down" if I insist while we eat, but I have to tell him several times.

He made himself at home on the couch, and wants to sleep on my bed. I have to insist that he sleep on his, he's not happy about it, but he will.

He's a sweet boy, loves cuddles, in fact demands them, and I have to make him "sit" before I will pet him, to keep reminding him that I'm in charge. His favorite thing in the whole world is ice cubes, that bottom will hit the floor very quickly for "one of those cold, slimy things".

Apollo will need a home where someone can be with him all  day, and be very patient with his need to be "attached at the hip."

His separation anxiety may  be made a little better by having a companion, but he's afraid of dogs, so it would have to be a very mellow one. His previous owners tried to take him to a dog park several times, but he was so afraid and stressed out that they had to quit.

Apollo does chase cats, so a home with cats would not be best for the cat, we'd rather he didn't live with one and terrorize it constantly.

Apollo did fine with a 4 year old child, but he was given a clear escape route, never cornered, and the child's quick movements scared him, so he left the room, but he allowed a couple of pats from the child first.

Apollo is basically a scardy cat (with everything BUT cats) who needs patient, understanding forever parents.